Sunday, January 29, 2012

11 Questions To Love and Be Loved

Those who know me are quite aware that I SUCK at small talk! I am everything that encompasses awkward when it pertains to small talk! I come across as weird, strange, and totally aloof. To add to my list of disadvantageous reasons for people not to like me, I have a hard, mean looking expression burned into my brow. Bugger! I have no idea why I look like I’m mad all the time. I’m usually quite serene on the inside, but this expression certainly doesn’t make me very approachable. Aside from Botox, what’s a gal to do? I am still working on it. So, if you try and have small talk with me, you probably won't be too fond of my first impression. However, get to know me with what I like to call large talk (deep and meaningful convo) you'll likely love me because I am all about truly connecting with others. Here's a funny, little story:

I used to work at a restaurant as a busgirl. I loved the job because I could have my head down in my work, cleaning tables and keep my mouth shut. I could be around people but not have to interact in the shallow pleasantries that the servers were compelled to in order to get good tips. This suited me just fine. One day I got to talking with one of the waitresses there as it was a slow day and not much to do but work closely together. We got into a conversation about her kids and what classes she was taking in school, etc. I happily listened to all she had to say. I really do enjoy getting to know what people are really all about. Upon conversation she literally said to me, “I have to apologize to you.” I was slighty taken back and said, “Why?” She responded with this frank statement, “Because I thought you were a B*&CH before getting to know you a bit.” I casually laughed and told her that it was totally okay. I get that a lot!

In light of knowing that I am slightly an oddball and don’t do well with the typical chitchat but love to get down to the nitty gritty of conversation, I came across this post on a blog that I LOVE. Shout out to Melody Fletcher. On this particular post she shared another person’s blog post, 11 Questions you're NOT asking that could change your life. Oh boy, a blog post about another’s blog post about another’s blog post. Are you confused yet? If so just visit Melody’s website and take a gander at her post entitled Screw Smalltalk! 11 Questions That Can Help You Truly Connect.

I loved this post so much that I wanted to share as well! I am absolutely invigorated by deep, meaningful conversation with others and as someone who is known for asking personal questions, here…we…go.

1. What is your dream job?
I love to help people on an intimate level and assist them to figure out the mysteries of their lives. I truly am a counselor at heart. I would love be a psychologist with my own private practice.

2. What fulfills you?
The happiness on my daughter’s face every morning when I get her out of her crib makes my cup runneth over. Seriously, my heart gets so full I think I might have edema and the only way to keep from bursting into a million little pieces of true love is for the water to well up and come out of my eyes! It fulfills me when my small family (husband, daughter, and myself) are in harmony. Meaningful conversation with people fulfills me. (Obviously, haha) 

3. What’s your greatest fear?
I had to think sort of hard on this one. I’m not a particularly fearful person. I typically go above and beyond to be sure that others know I do not have an ounce of judgment in my heart towards them so this tells me that I must have a fear deep down about being misunderstood or moreover, a fear of being judged by others. Also, the thought of having a house fire occasionaly grips me with horrible anxiety.

4. What do you want more of in life?
I want loads more knowledge, wisdom, happiness, harmonious friendships and relationships in general, motivation, inspiration, love, deep and meaningful conversations. (Another obvious)

5. What is your single greatest accomplishment?
Motherhood. It takes great strength, work, patience, vigor, selflessness, and all that good stuff that teaches one to be a better person.

6. What are you ashamed of?
I am slightly ashamed of the fact that I don’t get out of the house much. I only leave about once a week because I live pretty far away from town and I don’t like to spend money on gas to go somewhere unless I have plenty of errands and I know my time and money is not squandered. However, this summer I will take my daughter to the local park often and that will solve much of my shameful feelings about not getting out with my daughter enough.

7. What makes you sad?
When my relationships are in disharmony I get very sad. It saddens me deeply when people completely misunderstand me or when I hurt someone. When people think I’m something that I’m not, although I am learning that it doesn’t much matter what others think of me. What is important is, as long as I know in my heart who I truly am, others will come around to that understanding as well.

8. Hardest thing ever experienced?
It’s too personal to comment about publicly but it was extremely difficult. It was the worst time of my life, but thanks to God and I truly mean ALL thanks to GOD I was and am the victor over that whole experience!!!

9. What’s great about you?
I am smart. I am zealous about studying many different subjects. I am a student in life. I pray for humility. I was gifted at birth with a highly useful internal, moral compass. I am very passionate about many different things. I am unique and I love that about myself. I am articulate. I deeply care for others. All of these things I am again thankful to God for. I am absolutely nothing without him. I am a vessel of his love.

10. Who are you?
I am a powerful woman. I am strong willed with an important voice in the world. I am love. I am a comfort to others. I am a friend, mother, wife, lover, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, confidant, counselor, student, beloved child of God, and so much more!

11. What inspires you?
Knowledge and Wisdom!!!

Pretty please with a cherry on top answer these 11 questions and comment below. I am totally and completely interested in everyone’s answers!


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