Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Things You Can Do To Survive Hyperinflation

God forbid hyperinflation ever knocks on the doors of America. Some people are saying that this is inevitable and you must be prepared. We know that our national debt is rising, China is building most of the products we use and buying all of our debt, the Federal Reserve keeps printing more money, and the public is becoming less and less convinced that the dollar is worth that much.

If you research the root causes of hyperinflation, you’ll see that we are a prime candidate for it to rear its ugly head in an attempt to balance the market that has been so highly abused. Furthermore, hyperinflation is something that should always be in the back of our minds since the dollar is based on a fiat system.
Prices for food and gasoline have already been inflated. But let me tell you, when hyperinflation hit Russia in the 1990s, people were taking wheelbarrows of cash to the store just to buy a loaf of bread! There are stories about people going into the grocery and grabbing items off the shelf, only to find that the prices doubled or tripled by the time they got to the checkout counter!
We can take some steps to survive hyperinflation and if we really focus our efforts we could possibly even come out the other side well off or super duper rich!
10 Things You Can Do To Survive Hyperinflation:
1.       Buy Gold and Silver.
This is how you can actually become rich during a time of hyperinflation. Gold and silver are two items that have always had intrinsic value. This is because they are used in industry to make a wide range of products that we consume. When hyperinflation hits, the price of Gold and Silver skyrockets! Today you can buy an ounce of gold for $1670.00 and an ounce of silver for $32.83. This seems expensive right now, which it is, but consider this chart below to see what happened to the value of gold and silver when hyperinflation hit Germany in the 1919 and so on.
     2.       Stock Up On Bottled Water & Canned Food
Go ahead and buy you and your immediate family about 3-6 months worth of bottled water and canned food. This will help with the initial shock of realizing that life as you know it is over for a while. You won’t feel a sense of overwhelming pressure as much as others because you’ll already have a little more time to figure out what it is you’re going to do to make it through. The more meals between being fed and starvation for your family, the easier you’ll sleep at night. Also, pre-bought water and foods will be a life saver during the winter months.
3.       Learn To Grow Your Own Food.
I can’t stress this enough. Knowing how to grow your own food is priceless knowledge. You must start now. If hyperinflation hit tomorrow, you’d be hard pressed to grow a successful, highly prolific garden. It’s no easy task. If you don’t have the proper skills, you and your family will soon be going hungry. Start practicing by growing herbs and tomatoes. These two things are simple. Even if you live in a city you can grow food in pots and window planters. At the very least, buy a couple of gardening books to have on hand if the chicken $*** hits the fan. Also, save your seeds!
4.       Learn To Can and Preserve Your Own Food.
It’s not enough just to buy canned goods. Sure, that will help for a short time but it is obviously not sustainable. After all, when you run out of food, you run out. Hyperinflation usually lasts years so you’ll need more of a back up than buying canned goods. Purchase a large pressure canner pot now, even if you don’t use it now, you’ll have it and won’t have to steal one when the prices are unaffordable. You can definitely practice canning your own goods. Can some chili and soups that are hearty, nutritious, and filling. This will be a priceless skill to have in times of trouble as well. If you grow your own food, you should know how to preserve your own food for winter months when growing is limited.
5.       Stock Up On First Aid Supplies
Don’t overlook this one. You'll need pain relievers, fever reducers, anti-biotics (save prescriptions if you don’t finish them, watch for expiration though) band aids, and all the typical things you will find in any ordinary first aid kit. Colloidal silver and apple cider vinegar boasts huge anti-illness and anti-infection properties. Read up on homeopathic medicine. You may also want to consider having a considerable amount of whiskey on hand. This is an excellent pain reliever and antiseptic. Plus, if hyperinflation hits, there’s nothing like drinking your sorrows away. ;)
6.        Buy Cookware That You Can Use Over a Fire
I’m not saying we’ll be living without power, but you never know. It’s better to have some pots, pans, and kettles that can be used for cooking over a fire just in case. The price of energy will skyrocket and if the government is in no place to step in and help the people, we could find ourselves with rationed or no gas or electric. 
7.       Purchase a Tent and Camping Kit
Tent communities pop up all over when people start losing their homes. If you have decent gear, you’re odds of surviving and staying warm are increased. Preferably you’ll need to have gear that can be loaded up and carried on your back for easier commuting. Warm sleeping bags are a must. Light cookware, warm clothes, good pair of boots, water purifying tablets, flint, sharp knife, flashlight and extra batteries, rope or cord, and a hatchet are the sort of things that will be useful.
8.       Have a Means to Protect Yourself and Your Property
You guessed it. Own a gun. Poverty breeds crime. When people are put in dire situations they’ll do just about anything. This means that if you have food and a means to survive, people may seek that out, put you or your family in danger, and steal your resources. Ugh. The war over resources never ceases to rear its ugly head.
9.       Read Read Read
Start reading about survival. There are all kinds of books and tips out there to help you prepare for hard times. Farm and Home stores have excellent books on survival that include gardening, knitting, sewing, hunting, homesteading, etc.  There are even great shows you can watch that are entertaining and informative like Man Vs. Wild, Survivorman, and Dual Survival. The more knowledgeable you are the better off you’ll be.
10.   Actually Do 1-9
It’s all fine and dandy to talk about survival preparation, but if you’re not actually preparing what benefit is there? You must take it seriously. Sometimes people feel prepared just by knowing they need to be prepared but this is a road to nowhere. Get some knowledge, make a few smart purchases, and increase your chances of survival and comfort just in case hyperinflation comes knocking at your door.

Look out for you and yours,

In the words fo a mother


  1. This is an awesome post Amber! I love the way you think:) Thank you so much for sharing it on Frugal Days, Sustainable Ways. I am totally posting this on fb page:)

  2. Amazing post! We've got most of these down, except number 1. Really wishing we had some money to invest in gold + silver right now!

    1. Yeah me too. We're working on that. :)

    2. save copper pennies between 1909-1982 ( 95 % copper ), some of the 1982 pennies are no good though, you need to weigh them they weigh 3.1 grams and the zinc pennies are 2.5 grams. Anyone can do this, they are currently worth 2.5 cents metal value but when the dollar collapses who knows how much copper will be worth. Probably at least 20x. No, you can't melt them down now but if the dollar goes down the toilet its free game. Yes, it takes a while to go through a lot of pennies but my daughter loves going through the rolls we get at the bank.

  3. Great post! The only one we do not do is #7. We have a second home, no mortgage. That will be our "tent". Thanks for the info!

  4. Replies
    1. Sweet! I'll be heading your way when the chick sh*t hits the fan! ;)

  5. Be careful about medication...especially antibiotics. These have a short shelf life and you don't want to start self-prescribing medication (especially antibiotics) if you don't need them.

    1. Good advice Venessa! I pretty much never take the meds from the docs but if I didn't have a choice I would probably take some antibiotics if I had some sort of bad infection and no way to treat myself in another way. Read the expiration date for sure!

  6. Rather than cacheing drugs and antibiotics, learn the medicinal qualities of herbs and spices and how to make remedies with things you can grow in your garden.

    1. Totally agree with this Joel! I plan to become a certified homeopath! I'm already a certified psychopath so may as well branch out! ;)

  7. Great post! We're lacking #1 and #8 (this one will be happening very shortly). I agree with the above comments regarding antibiotics. Natural remedies/herbs are great, as it liquid silver (in controlled quantities). You can get it at your local health food store. It has worked wonders for me when I have had a nasty (internal) infection and nothing else would work. It worth looking into :-)

    1. I just edited my article because the homeopathic and colloidal silver uses are definately worth a mention!! Thanks!

  8. You can easily learn to make your own colloidal silver at home which is great for so many things. Also google Doc Shillington;s recipes for tonics etc; make your own meds!