Monday, January 23, 2012

Monthly Poem - January: The Disgrace of War

Veracity creates the need
Voracity begins to breed
Disgrace amongst all seed
Two sides refuse to concede

Tyrants, violence, and gore
Lies and scandals ignored
Crimes, riots, and wars
Hatred and spite at the core

Anguish, tears, and cries
Suffering, grief, no pride
Agony and pain worldwide
Who will weep for the war bride

Clamor, wail, and scream
Beseech, beg, and plead
Accept, let go, and breathe
Yet again we all will grieve

Anger, rage, distrust
Forgiveness or revenge and malice
Decisions, decisions press us
Held high is a blood filled chalice

Broken, dried up and done
Like ashes we fell one by one
The brave gave it a good run
But why the need to use a gun

Question, learn, and believe
Like the bone the truth we cleave
Allies and enemies who deceive
How many more must we bereave

Remember, consider, and never forget
Pray for the future for theirs is the debt
The tears, the blood, and the sweat
Our shame is what is left to inherit

A few photos below of Iraqi Pain. This is the disgrace of but one war. Will we have more of these wars?


  1. oh man how gut wrenching. another great poem! how sad tho :(