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Past, Present, Future - Part 2 of 3


Being Present in the Present

Part 2

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Living in the now has a lot of hype in the “enlightened” world. Basically we don’t want to live in the past. The past can represent a place that summons regret or even a place of wanting to go back because we think those were the good old days. We don’t want to live in the future either because we can’t know for sure what it holds and we aren’t promised tomorrow. 

One reason for being mindful of living in the present is because focusing too much on the past or future distracts us from what we could be experiencing right here, right now. The biggest reason for living in the now, present time, is because this is what time we have been given and we get to do whatever we want with it. This is where the power is! This is actually where you can choose to heal from the past, move on, and work for a brighter future. Again, this is where YOU have the power.

In terms of growth and awareness I always love to ask myself questions and really spend the time answering them truthfully. A couple questions spring to mind when focusing on the present. Ask yourself these questions. What is great about life now? What makes you happy now? What areas can you work on now to be a better you?

What is great about life now?
For me, a lot of things are great right now. I have an amazing, loving, devoted, handsome, hardworking, hilarious, sexy, smart, caring, passionate husband! I have such a sweet, beautiful, fun, silly little daughter. I have one the best jobs on the planet i.e. stay at home mama. I love my home, my garden, my chickens, my friends, and my family. I look great. I feel pretty good. I’m drinking more water. ;) I had to put that in there. This is a big deal for me!

Life is pretty darn good from where I sit. What’s fantastic about that is I made it that way. I choose to be grateful in the present. No one does that for you. No, not even God. It’s up to you to have a good life. This is a perfect example of how you have the power right now!

What makes you happy now?
Of course the things I’ve listed above make me happy but true happiness comes from within. I’ll tell ya what, I’ve been working on that! At the beginning of this year I started on my Journey to Improved Health and it has paid off. I feel better than I have in a long time. I weigh less than my pre pregnancy weight. I’m healthier. I’m doing more things that I love like writing, gardening, educating myself, getting involved in more activities, and making strides in my personal development quest.  

My understanding of God also makes me very happy. Being connected to something so much bigger than myself but really, so small it’s on the cellular level as well. Ahhh, that’s too deep to get into now. :) Perhaps I'll go there in a future post!

What areas can you work on now to be a better you?
I constantly work on being more conscientious of others needs/desires. For instance, I am a roll with the wind, tumbleweed type of personality. I am so type B that I have had issues with committing to events or plans causing me to be very unreliable. This is just unbalanced and nonsensical to me now. My personality is never an excuse to be less than thoughtful. I’ve realized the importance of being flexible yet maintaining a sense of, “you can count on me” sort of thing. 

I also need to allow myself to make mistakes. I’m a good mother but not a perfect one. It’s okay to mess up. I’m not the perfect wife, friend, daughter, sister, or the perfect anything. I’m just me, pressing on, trying to get better little by little. 

Lastly and it’s a biggie, I need to work on not letting fear hold me back. No more making excuses for myself to not reach certain goals. I can do whatever I set my mind to. Even moving a mountain is attainable and I am dead serious about that! 

In the present, we are all a work in progress. Right now I am working on being the friend others respect, the family member that can be counted on, and the type of person that inspires. I am working on becoming highly fit, healthy all around, and doggonit I’m working on being an evolved person. That's what I love about the present. I can do all of that now. I definitely can't go back into the past and I don't have to wait for the future!

Be present in the present. Live in the now. Feel what you feel. Think what you think. And go from there. Remember, you are not guaranteed the future. Right NOW is all you’ve got and this is wherein the power lies to reach your potential!

Gratefully and blissfully present,

In the words of a mother

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