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Past, Present, Future - Part 1 of 3

A Reflection of the Past

Part 1

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Sometimes to get where you want to go you have to pay homage to where you’ve been. That is one reason I’m writing this teeny tiny, short, 3 part series. Basically I want us to honor where we've been and what we've done in part 1. In part 2 we'll discuss present life. Part 3 we will focus our eyes toward the horizon for what’s to come. Sometimes little exercises like these are helpful to be aware of ourselves which in turn serves us to be mindful of others.

That being said, looking back on your life, ask yourself a few questions. How have I grown? What are the things I have done that amaze myself? What have I overcome and how have I experienced victory in my life? As I sit here, with my 10 year high school reunion nearing, I contemplate these things. Many things have happened since leaving my childhood behind and strolling along on the well beaten path into adulthood.

How have I grown?
I see that I have grown leaps and bounds in my understanding of others, my ideas about God, and my enthusiasm for learning and gaining wisdom. I adore growth in every form that life provides me the opportunity to do such. I have grown mentally, emotionally, and well…physically, I’m glad I haven’t grown too much! ;) I have grown by letting go of the expectations I’ve put on others. In turn, I have allowed myself to be free from the expectations others put on me.

How have I amazed myself?
A few things pop into mind when asking that question. First and foremost is becoming a mother. Wow! I had great fears about being a mother before it happened but God has blessed me with everything I need to get through and get through extremely well.
One other thing that amazes me is that my whole perception of the world got flipped upside down and around as far as my lifestyle is concerned and I’m okay with that. The work that is involved in making lifestyle changes may be daunting and quite a challenge but little by little I’m healthier and happier. It happened after I gave birth to Cheyann. That little princess threw me for a loop and completely transformed my awareness of the world. Thank you daughter. Muah!

What have I overcome?
After 10 years of a very rocky and at times hard relationship with my husband, we are still together and still love one another deeply. We live by this motto, “Love is the food that nourishes a marriage; commitment is the glue that holds it.” This is a big deal for me. After seeing virtually every marriage around me deteriorate and/or end in divorce, I still have hope for mine.

I have overcome heartache, the loss of loved ones, set-backs, fears, lies, let downs, and much more. Life has a way of shelling out obstacles to overcome. But that is just the point, to overcome! No matter what happens, I trust that I can come out with the victory. That’s huge! Thank you God!

You’ve heard the quote, “Those who live in the past are sad and those who live in the future are anxious.” I agree. But go ahead, reflect on your past. You certainly don’t need to live there to give it a healthy reflection from time to time. It may be a good way to realize where you are now and where you would like to go in the future.
Casually acknowledge the negative only as a means of self-awareness and personal development. Never beat yourself up. And always focus on the positive! These are just a couple little tips to help you create for yourself the life you have always wanted.
Now then, please share how you've grown, amazed yourself, and what you have overcome!

Joyful Reflections,
In the words of a mother

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