Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Amber Teething Necklace: Does It Really Work?

There's a new hype about the Amber Artisan Teething necklaces that are sold as an alternative to baby Tylenol and the like. Of course, you are wondering do they work. First, let me give a little background about the necklace.

The amber (tree resin) comes from the coast of Lithuania, collected on the shores of the Baltic Sea. They are then crafted into beads by local artisans. The amber beads have in them a medicinal property called succinic acid which is said to have anti-inflammatory and a natural pain relieving capacity. It is worn as a necklace or a bracelet. As the skin warms the amber beads succinic acid is released and then absorbed into the skin. It's not meant to be chewed on. It is an ancient practice to use amber for the treatment of aches and pains. So does it work? I'll just say I am convinced they work as an anti-inflammatory if nothing else. I actually think they work for a calming effect much like a warm cup of tea before bed as well. However, I'm not convinced that they work for the intensity of teething molars.

I purchased one of these fairly inexpensive amber necklaces from Lithuania when Chey first started to teeth. She doesn't mind wearing it at all. One day, Chey fell over and bumped her head rather hard on the side of our coffee table. She hit so hard that it left a line of blood just under the surface of her skin. I freaked out because of how hard she hit but as I went to pick her up she didn’t seem that upset. I sat there with her for a minute or so and saw the blood thingy appear but I noticed that remarkably she didn’t have any swelling at all! None! Zero! Zip! I said to my husband, “Man, you think she would have a big knot on her head.” He replied, “Maybe it’s the amber teething necklace?” To me there is no other explanation. 

There were times when I would forget to put her necklace back on her after her nighttime bath. She would wake up in the middle of the night in pain. I would put her necklace on, lay her back down, and she would go to sleep rather easily. Now before you think I’m putting my baby at risk for strangulation, these necklaces are special made with the purpose of breaking if there were enough force put on it. It is also designed in a way that the beads will not scatter to eliminate choking hazards. 

I am not convinced that they can tackle the worst of teething like the molars. Now whiskey rubbed on the gums…that’ll do the trick! I’ve only resorted to whiskey once in desperation as Chey was screaming in agony for a stretch of 45 minutes in holy molar pain! Those kiddos sure are tough as nails!

Well then, quick recap:

Does the amber help with inflammation? I vote yes

Does the amber help with pain relief? Mild pain…I vote yes. Extreme pain…I vote not so much.

Does the amber help to calm and soothe? I vote yes

Would I recommend this to a friend? Absolutely

What is the price? Relatively cheap. I paid $26.90 for a 12"-13" necklace. (Fits babies) That includes shipping too!

If I’m totally off my rocker on this one, so be it, but at least they make an adorable international accessory!

Here's to easy teething, in the words of a mother.

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  1. I think it worked for B! I bought him a Amber teething necklaces and he stopped constantly biting...he was biting because he was teething. He also seemed less fussy when new teeth were coming in! I totally recommend it!! I also recommend cold teething rings (make sure it BPA free & safe) Way better than pumping him with a drugs! UD knew a family that started giving their baby Motrin and did this EVER night..they said he wouldn't go to sleep without it! SAD!

  2. with drugs** EVERY*** sorry type-o's!

  3. Amber teething necklaces are really helpful to Mums who want to ease discomfort for their babies.