Sunday, August 12, 2012

Submit, Trust, and Release

My destiny is the ocean.
The ocean is where true happiness and joy abound.
It is where God celebrates and blesses those that had the audacity to jump off the edge into the unknown and overcome their fears.
It is where heaven can be experienced right here in this life.
It is where complete fluidity, freedom, and peace thrive.
Like water, I will cut through rocks if I have to in order to get where God wants me to be. 
If I pay close enough attention, I find that is where I truly have wanted to be all along.
I imagine myself immersed so wholly in the water.
It’s not depth I’m reaching for, but to be a part of the water itself.
I am one with the water.
I am flowing around rocks and logs in the streams, making my way to bigger waters.
I am cascading freely and fiercely down over the waterfalls, unabashedly diving toward my destiny.
I slow down and rest when the way becomes congested but I never stop persevering to get to where I know I’m going.
I rush rapidly down the mountain rivers in haste with excitement and anticipation to get to where I know I belong.
When I’m in a dry season and the heat evaporates me I wait patiently for the clouds to release me and I fearlessly lunge toward my destination once again.
Sometimes when the ground becomes too crowded with water, I seep down deep into the earth yet surely carry on my travels to find my objective.
I make a way to get where I’m going and carve the path out behind me for others to follow.
I enjoy my journey as I flow, rush, squeeze, trickle, drip, dash, and crash along the way.
Yet I am never injured.
I am stronger than any force on the planet.
I am always on my way, travelling in the direction to the place where providence resides.
My fate is sealed when I am a part of the water.
If I step out of the water I’m lost and doomed, only to go at this thing called life alone.
I can walk toward bigger waters and eventually get there but how many obstacles and how hard the trek would be.
I may die from grief or wounds on the way and never reach my goal.
I could get turned around and head in the wrong direction completely.
No. I will stay one with the water, which is God’s perfect will.

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