Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 Things You Can Do To Attract Positivity into Your Life: Part 3 of 3

You know when someone feeds off of negativity because they are the ones that always seem to have something going wrong in their lives. They aren't any different than you or me; they just focus and dwell on the negative, so they get more of it. If you have heard yourself say these things: "It's always something." "It never ends." "The hits just keep on coming." "Why do these [negative] things always happen to me?" chances are you are the cause of all the negativity. Yes you! Take responsibility instead of playing the victim. You'll notice your life starting to look very differently from where you sit. Then back track and start this mini-series over.

I wanted to throw the above paragraph in because I think it's super important for us to be aware and take responsibility in life for any of this mini-series to work at all.

All of that being said...Yay! How to attract positivity into your life part 3 of 3 is here. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, be sure to check those out before continuing on.

Now then, let’s get to it.

5. Believe that you deserve whatever you want.
Sometimes it’s easy to get down on yourself and stay in the rut of feeling like you just don’t deserve what you want. Maybe you think you don’t work hard enough, look good enough, aren’t smart enough, you name it. Insecurities and negativity spoken over our lives can really put a damper on our belief of deserving what we want.

My idea on this process might seem a little backwards but give this a try. I’ll use myself as an example. Say you (like me) want to make a positive impact on other people’s lives through motivational and encouraging words and showing lots of love to your fellow man. Perhaps you haven’t had any special training, no schooling, and it’s not like you’re a doctor with a clinical psychology private practice so you may ask yourself what is your expertise. Maybe you’ve never even really talked that much and when you do others appear as though they don’t give a rip.

You are set up to feel like you couldn’t possibly have anything to offer that people would want. Why bother? Well…I’m here to tell you that you can throw that thought right out the window! If you have something YOU want to do, there is no desire police that will stop you (barring illegal desires) from doing it. J You are the one holding the reigns to your own life, directing the horse in the direction you want it to go.

When you give yourself the liberty to believe that you have the right to go after what you want, regardless of experience, education, history, etc. you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibility. Not only will you feel empowered but you will feel inspired to do what is necessary to reach your goals.

Perhaps you do need to have that educational degree to practice in a clinical setting. If this is the case, you must understand this: When you believe that you deserve anything you desire, it is that preemptive nudge that gets you on the path to earning whatever it is you must earn, acquiring whatever you must acquire, or learning whatever you must learn in order to get wherever it is you want to go and be whoever it is you want to be.

Wow. What a doozie and a total mouthful, but it is a place to start. The rest will follow suit of that foundation and fall right into place.

6. Have a plan and work the plan
Remember that previous step; believe that you deserve whatever you want. You must do that before you make a plan and work it. Essentially this is because if you don’t believe, you won’t put forth the effort to plan and work towards your goals. You don’t want to be stuck on the wrong side of that dividing line.

So now that we believe that we deserve what we want, we go for it baby! We dream, believe, make plans, follow through with those plans and reach our goals. We truly will get whatever we want and attract all sorts of positive things into our lives.

It’s that simple and that hard. The simple part is knowing what we have to do, the hard part is actually doing it. That’s always the hard part. But a tire doesn’t get changed without a little elbow grease. Same as your life doesn’t end up where you want it unless you stir the wheel and shift the gears. Some of us live on autopilot; that is the dreadful side of the dividing line you don’t want to be on.

Tools. You need tools to iron out your dreams. I love to use Microsoft Word as a tool to make plans. I have tons of ideas written down (shoot I should make a backup copy again). I have projects that I want to accomplish outlined and anytime I have an event that I'm in charge of I make a plan that includes, ideas, needs, times, dates, etc. I get my mind organized on paper. Maybe that could help you too.

Also, I use a vision board. I have it hung in a place where I can see it every day. I include inspirational quotes, pictures of places I want to go, and words of encouragement. It is a reminder that I can have and do anything I want. It is a place where positivity is written over me and when I read it, it is spoken over my life. I am, in essence, convincing myself that I will accomplish my goals. We all know that once your mind is made up, little can stop you.


We can all attract positive things and who doesn’t want more positive things in their life? It’s not that difficult when your mind is in the right place. There is untold power in your mind. Put it to good use and get all the great things that your pretty little heart desires! Sometimes life throws us a few curveballs and of course we have to deal with those surprises appropriately. However, attracting positivity into your life can be consistent.

Enjoy Life,

In the words of a mother

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