Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reboot With The New Year!

The kick off of 2012 is a perfect time to really take some personal inventory and ask yourself what are some changes I want to make. A New Year’s Resolution is no novel idea but the actual resolutions can be as novel as just about anything. Seriously, take a couple minutes to be silent and ask yourself what are some things that I’ve always wanted to do and haven’t gotten around to it.

Here’s a round tuit for ya so now you have no excuses! J
So many of us are tired, sick, and self-indulgent (especially during the holidays). We over-eat, over-drink, and over-do just about everything while enjoying special time with family and friends. Sure we all like to have a good time and relax our standards that we set for ourselves throughout most of the year but what has it done to our health? What has been the impact on our minds? My guess is that we are fatter, sicker, less energized, perhaps disorganized, maybe lack self-esteem and are downright drained from all the eating, drinking, and being merry. It’s actually common to slip into the blues after the holidays. This time of year it’s typically overcast with not much Vitamin D available to be soaked up and we have put on those holiday pounds that make us feel miserable. It certainly is encouraging to know that the New Year marks turning over a new leaf for many people! You can be one of those people. We have all the power within our grasp to make a change for ourselves.
If you are like me and want to quickly and healthfully get rid of the excess poundage from all that food and drink over the holidays, here is a great way to kick off your New Year with a bang!

Juice fasting!
I’m not talking about orange, grape, or apple juice from the store. Heck, I’m not even talking about that yummy green juice that they now sell at the store. I’m talking about juice that is packed with LIVE enzymes, nutrients, and minerals, the kind that is made from fresh, organic produce right in your own home. This kind of juice is the healthiest and best tasting. I could not afford to purchase a juicer at the time being so I simply put out a request on Facebook to borrow someone’s juicer. I was happily surprised when an old class-mate of mine was generous enough to offer me hers. What a gal! Now I am pretty much set for my 14 day juice fast that will start on New Year’s Day.
Some worry that this type of “diet” is dangerous because of the lack of food but let me inform you that it is the opposite of dangerous. In fact, my eating habits over much of my life have been dangerous. This juice fast will not only give me the nutrients and minerals that my body has so long cried out for but it will detox my system, help me to lose un-wanted fat, and give me lift off for my desired path of healthful living and having robust energy! I am so excited I can hardly wait. Yes, I still have one more party to go to before the New Year is here and I plan on eating all the crap I am surrounded by until my stomach hurts and I’ve put on another pound. But then I’ll say adios junk food, see ya next year!
I encourage all of you to go for whatever it is that your heart has been yearning for. Whether that be fitness and health, playing an instrument, devoting more time to family, dating more, finding a new job, whitening your teeth, cleaning out the attic, volunteering, or simply enjoying life more abundantly.  We all have room for growth and the potential to reach the heights we so desperately want to reach. It just takes that first step and then commitment. Go for your goal and reach for the sky! You can do it! May 2012 be the best year of your life yet!

Inspired by this documentary, "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead" You gotta see this!

Enjoy Health,

In the words of a mother


  1. I saw part of that documentary, how does it end?

    1. They totally got healthy and led others on the same quest!