Saturday, December 3, 2011

Monthly Poem - November: Humility Cloak

Worried worried man, don’t put out the fire
Keep your decrying waves far from their desire

Don’t spit in their face with raving insult
Wait one moment and let tolerance exult

Allow the passionate to dream their dreams
Forget sounding the alarm mimicking their screams

In this day there are many things that haze
Pray for the lost, that they find their way

For they know the truth that awaits
Some choose not to heed but that is their place

Let them stay lost in their ignorant bliss
It’s not always necessary to shake your fists

Rest with patience. Be loving and kind
Humility always and relax your mind

To those who are broken, remember this rhyme
Hope serves the benevolent, every single time


  1. Sorry November's came a tad late! haha

  2. dang girl! did you write this too? how beautiful!

  3. Awe Thanks Steph. I just saw your comment. :)