Monday, December 19, 2011

Monthly Poem - December: Christmas Spirit

Oh family, what a cherished institution
It gives me great joy to which there is no substitution

Especially this time of year with meetings of cheer
Dinners prepared and the celebration of Jesus so near

The spirit of generosity and love abound
The hope of these things to be practiced year round

Figgy pudding and eggnog so fresh
A reminder that God came down in the flesh

Shopping, traffic, and madness at times
But it’s all worth it when you hear those Christmas bells chime

So gather with me and bow your head
We take this time to give thanks for our bread

We are grateful for all the news of good tidings
Waiting patiently for Rudolf to hitch up and start riding

For these are the things that signify Christmas
Give God all the glory for the abundance he gives us



  1. how cute is this? i'd swear you are super happy! lolll

  2. Are all these poem's created by you? I suck at creative writing! :)