Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Personal Constitution

Currently I am reading an exceedingly helpful book entitled “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” As I am reading I am learning about paradigms or you might call them world views. Questions have arisen in me as I read. What are my paradigms that I use to navigate through life? What are some of my world views? What are my core values? Why are they my values? What do I want to change in myself? What do I want to enhance about myself (other than my boobies)? What do I want out of life? How do I achieve those desires while staying consistent and true to my values?
Upon further reading the author listed a couple of “personal constitutions” as examples for his readers. You could also call it a personal philosophy or creed. I thought…hmmmmm??? I wonder what my personal constitution would look like if I wrote it out. I decided I wanted to see on paper (computer screen) what my core values and personal constitution would be. Here is mine. What is yours?

In no particular order:
My Personal Constitution
Seek and merit divine help
Never compromise with honesty and loyalty in all relationships
My wants will be subject to my needs and my means.
Question and consider use of products and materials as a necessity and do NOT waste
Be mindful about what I eat and feed my family
Be mindful of what I put on or in my body as well as Chey’s
My home will be organized, clean, and comfortable
Listen twice as much as I speak
Defend those who are absent
Hear both sides before judging
Remember the people involved
Be open-minded to differences of thought, opinion, and ways of doing things
Accept others exactly where they are at
Forgive always
Keep a mind-set towards unity
Be humble in speech, behavior, and attitude
Be conscience of appointments, time, dates, and commitments
Be a person who is willing to give your word and then keep it
Walk in an attitude of gratitude
Walk in love in ALL situations
Be thoughtful of others desires, wants, and needs
Be involved in community and charities
Be decisive and strive towards set goals
Of course over the period of time, values and ideas of what you focus on may change. You may add to or take away certain things. However, most of the things you list will be true for you yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s how you go about operating in these values that makes you and I unique to everyone else. What are a couple of your personal mottos listed on your constitution?
Cheers to self-awareness and reflection in the words of a mother.

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