Friday, August 26, 2011

Babyproofing Your House, Non-Toxic Style!

It's about that time. Your baby is crawling, maybe walking and getting into everything! AHHH!!! That's what every mother is screaming on pretty much a daily basis. It is past the time to baby proof the house!

Where and what are some of the places and things your child gets into? My little daffodil is always getting under the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, she stands up putting her hands on the the toilet seat (yuck) and did I mention she loves to play with the cords on the blinds! Those are a few things she takes special interest in.

My first purchase ever for baby proofing the house were outlet stuffers and these little cord winder upper thingamajigs for the blinds. They are really cool, but for real...just tuck the cord up in between a couple slats of the blinds. After that I thought to myself...I don't really need to spend a lot of money on baby proofing the house because I have a better idea! For instance, lock your baby in a padded room with nothing to choke on or hit their head on! Kidding kidding. What? Really? You took me seriously for a minute?

No, for real. My kitchen and bathroom cabinets were the two places that were my biggest fear of her getting into. Why? You guessed it! Because of all those nasty chemicals for household cleaning. So, you want to know what I did? I replaced ALL of my household cleaning supplies with Non-Toxic products! Wooohoooo! 

 - I have baking soda and vinegar for my bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. 
     Sprinkle baking soda then spray with vinegar. Allow to bubble and scour or wipe away.

- I have olive oil and vinegar for dusting and furniture polishing. 
      Mix equal parts for polish. Add extra vinegar for routine dusting. Put in old, clean spray bottle.

- I have essential lemon oil just to make my home smell on the fresh side rather than the baby poop side!
     Add this to furniture polish.

- I have vinegar mixed with warm water and lemon juice to mop my floors. 
     Fill sink with hot water, add 1/2 C vinegar and squeeze a whole lemon into water. Leave lemon in water.

Let's see...that's about it! I don't have to bother buying a different product for each area to clean. A few common, cheap household items do the job and do it right.

I also have to say that I never have to hold my breath while cleaning. Using bleach or CLR, etc. always smelled so potent and I would dread cleaning the bathroom for that simple reason. I love that I never have to worry about my baby crawling in the bathroom while I'm cleaning, fearful that she'll breathe in irritating chemicals.

Using these cleaning products is a total win-win all the way around. They are cheap, easy, smell better, does NOT irritate skin, eyes, or lungs, and safe for baby and mama. Oh and don't forget, better for the environment. Yay! As the McDonalds people say...I'm lovin' it!

Happy Cleaning,

In the words of a mother!


  1. awesome!! love to know you are a non-toxic mommy!!! YAY

  2. Love it! We too use more natural safer cleaning supplies. Our household cleaners are bought from WFM they are all plant base!