Sunday, July 17, 2011

Comfort in Cloth!

Okay. So many people are curious about cloth diapers and why I use them, how satisfied I am with them, what they look like, and so on. I didn't do a lot of research about the nasty chemicals in diapers and yada yada before investing in cloth diapers. I just thought to myself, waste waste waste! Diaper after diaper I was throwing away in the trash can that would eventually end up in a land fill somewhere taking anywhere from 150-300 years to decompose according to whichever source you read. Either way, that's a heck of a long time for that many diapers to be rotting on our earth for no good reason other than convenience. 

So I bought 4 cloth diapers, diaper inserts (the thingies you stick inside the pocket of the cloth diaper to soak up the pee), cloth wipes, and a wet bag (bag to keep wet diapers and smells in) to try 'em out! I was so excited when I received my new, adorable cloth diapers.

The new and improved cloth diapers are a far cry from what my mom used! They are so cool. They come in all kinds of different colors, designs, fasteners, etc. So far I really like the cloth diapers! I bought the brand bumGenius. I purchased 3 different styles in this brand to see what I liked best. The cloth diaper world is full of lingo and sometimes it's hard to follow along so I will try to explain simply.

One style I bought was an all-in-one. This means the diaper has the pad that soaks up the pee sewn directly into the diaper. All cloth diapers have a pocket that you can stick inserts (pads) inside of to soak up more moisture. Even the all-in-one diaper has the pocket where you can stick and extra insert in there if you choose. However, my experience with the all-in-one style is not ideal. It takes twice as long to dry than a non all-in-one diaper and mine got mildew in it. As of now I am still trying to get the mildew out. This is not easy since I banned bleach from my home! I recently set it outside in the sun to dry, which heat and sunlight are supposed to kill mildew. It doesn't smell anymore, but I haven't used it since and when my gal pees, that's when you can really smell the mildew. We shall see. 

Hook and Loop, Pocket
Another style I bought is what's called the hook and loop style. This style is my favorite! It's Velcro just like a disposable and it seems to fit my daughter better than the others. It is pocket style, meaning you simply put the insert inside the pocket and remove when you wash.

Snaps, Pocket
The last type of diaper I bought was the pocket style as well but with snaps. This one is cool because you can snap it however tight you need and you don't have to worry about latching the Velcro when you go to wash the diapers. However, I just don't care for the fit of this diaper. I will be purchasing more Velcro, pocket style, cloth diapers with inserts very soon!

What are the more specific pros and cons you might ask? As with anything there are trade-offs. For me though, the pros far out way the cons. 

As I mentioned before, no more unnecessary waste! Secondly, no more nasty chemicals near my precious daughter's flower petals (privates). Thirdly, never have to buy diapers again and when we are done with them we can actually sell or give them to someone else, disinfected of course. Forth, they are more comfortable for my daughter.

There are some minimal cons to consider. For instance, they leak a bit easier than disposables, but just keep a change of clothes handy wherever you go or change the diapers more often to avoid leaks. No big deal. Also, there is the washing of course. Sure, it's easy to just toss the poopy diaper in the trash and never think about it again, but guess who will have to think about it again someday? That's right your child or their children when the landfills start becoming a bigger problem. Convenience should rarely be considered an option over responsible, earth-conscience living.

So what do they look like? Here are a couple pictures of my tulip in her Velcro, pocket style, pink, cloth diaper! She’s a doll and loves the comfort of her cloth diapers!

For more information and pictures of cloth diapers visit
 This is where I purchased my diapers, wipes, wet bags, and inserts. They actually have more than just diapers on this site. It is a great place to find alternative baby care items. Plus...FREE SHIPPING!

Cloth diapers seem like an expensive purchase at first but if you calculate all the money you'll spend on disposable diapers and wipes over the years you can't beat it. Plus, you can't measure in dollars and cents the comfort and safety your child will have while wearing these beautiful, cotton, cloth diapers!

Contact me for more information and tales of cotton and comfort in the words of a mother!


  1. Aw! Love the pictures! She looks so adorable in her pink cloth diaper and amber necklace!!

  2. wow. moving on up the responsible earth loving ladder. wonderful!

  3. Amber- I responded to one of your comments on my page but it was an older one...I am having a hard time finding you on FB...whats your FB URL? Thanx! :)