Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vaccines: Yes, I am going there!

I get the same speech nearly every time the topic of vaccines is brought up. It’s as though they go hand in hand. Following is the rhetoric:

·        The pros outweigh the cons.
·        A little fever and a rash are minimal side effects.
·        Only very few children have severe adverse reactions from vaccines.
·        Vaccines do more good than harm.
·        The kids in other countries die from these diseases that immunizations are meant to prevent.

All of the above are seemingly logical stances to take on the side of inoculation.

Here is my dilemma: Why are so few asking these important questions?

·    Why are the kids in America among the most highly vaccinated and the most chronically ill in the world?
·     If there is a fever and a rash, how is this healthy to inject into the bloodstream of my tiny baby?
·     If only a few kids have seizures from an “allergic reaction” how would I know my baby is allergic until it’s too late?
·    Why is the overall health of so many Americans not up to par?
·    Why do those kids in other countries die from these diseases but yet they don’t have cancer or other common American diseases?

It seems brainwash is in the air!

Let me ask you these questions. As a mother:

·     If there was a shot that contained the likelihood of preventing the measles but also contained the cause of adult cancer, would you inject it into your child?
·     If there was a shot that contained the likelihood of preventing pertussis but also the cause of  lifelong asthma, would you inject it into your child?
·     If there was a shot that contained the likelihood of preventing hepatitis B, rotavirus, tetanus, mumps, or rubella but also contained the cause of chronic cold and flu outbreaks, persistent ear infections, poor academic aptitude, behavioral disorder, seizures, mental retardation, etc. would you inject it into the arm of your child?

My guess is absolutely not! I would rather battle measles now than cancer later! Moreover, the first mentioned set of diseases does not have to be such a frightening threat if the immune system is healthy and functioning properly in the first place. Unfortunately, most babies immune systems are weakened in utero as they are exposed to noxious contaminants through the placenta from the mother’s intake of chemical and pesticide rich foods and water, environmental toxins, inadequate nutrition, and/or unhealthy toxic habits such as drinking or smoking. As a result these diseases have taken horrific prevalence and wreaked havoc on our society. I am not saying that each vaccine meant to prevent certain diseases causes the after mentioned diseases. What I am saying is that the chemically toxic concoction created by man is a very poisonous dose of clearly identified contaminants that if come in contact by humans in any other form would be treated as hazardous waste! These vaccines full of toxic waste meant to prevent or lesson symptoms of certain diseases actually create a whole new set of problems. Any toxic substance when put in the body suppresses the body’s natural immune system; thus, allowing for attack from many other strains of disease. It’s like slamming your foot in the door to take the attention off a headache, but then you have a broken toe to deal with!

The world we live in is already full of pollutants that over-whelm the immune system and suppress some of its most basic functions. Who needs more toxic garbage piped right in our body via needle?! The liver is the center for filtering these contaminants in the body and every person is different. Some people can handle more toxins in a single dose or over a long period of time. The liver is quite an extraordinary organ in that it won’t complain too much while we vaccinate, drink alcohol, use toxic hygiene products, intake chemical and pesticide rich foods and water, et cetera until one day it has had enough. Then it may be too late! Aside from dragging through most of our lives as drones without the proper amount of energy, (not the kind of energy that is produced from a caffeine and sugar rush from drinking your morning coffee) we also may eventually succumb to devastating diseases such as cancer and/or many forms of autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately for those children whose systems are not strong enough to filter the poison in vaccines may yield to these diseases much sooner than the typical adult. We all know that cancer and autoimmune diseases are on the rise and have been since the introduction of inoculations, processed foods, and industrialization. Pollution is pollution no matter what form and it is all linked together in our struggle for optimum health.
                          Hmmmm?? Looks like the manufacturing is harmless! HA

Look, I am not the type to shout from the rooftops at every parent, DON’T VACCINATE YOUR CHILD! Although, I am the type to shout from the rooftops, DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE IGNORANCE AND NAÏVE BELIEF IN THE MEDICAL SYSTEM COMPROMISES YOUR CHILD’S HEALTH! I could spend hours writing about the poisonous chemicals at parts per million that are present in vaccines. I could discuss in length the way these vaccines are grown and handled as a toxic waste by scientists in the laboratory. I could also discuss the link between big pharmaceutical companies rapidly mass producing these vaccines for a quick profit without human trials or concern with future adverse reactions. But this is a post on a blog, not a book! The research is yours to do. Do it wholeheartedly and with intense fervor to find the truth! I did the work on my own because I was concerned enough to be fully educated before blindly trusting what the pediatrician had to say. I took a very bold stand to not vaccinate my daughter because I believe that it would only serve to weaken her otherwise healthy immune system. I am not saying that modern medicine doesn’t have a very important place in the world. The medical field is an excellent place to find a diagnosis for disease, emergency care, emergency pain management, and emergency surgery. Prescreening for disease is wise if you continue to live the lifestyle of loading your body with toxins. Nevertheless, it would behoove you to change to more healthful eating habits, drop the bad habits, and detox at least twice yearly.

It is time to return to an organic earth for our health and healing and give it the respect it deserves as it has served us for millions of years with outstanding benefits; un-tampered by man’s illusions of grandeur to be smarter than what will ultimately keep us in balance, Mother Nature!

Let me clarify one last thing. I am not 100% arrived at the lifestyle I am advocating, so no condemnation. Let’s do this together!

Thank you for asking the hard questions, in the words of a mother!



  1. Amber,
    I am sooo proud of you and all of your research! So very insightful. You give me so many ideas to how I'll be when and if I become a mother! I admire all your hard work and research. You're a great mother sis. Can't stress enough how proud I am. If I was a mother now, I would be doing exactly what you are. Keep up the good work. And I know, it's a lot of work. Love you! <3

    Much love and respect,
    God bless,
    -Dani Elle

  2. Wonderful Dani! Thanks for the support! Love you :)

  3. Oh no you di'nt ;o) This is a touchy subject and I'm glad you're willing to talk about it. I don't have an opinion at this time in my life, but I'm glad people like you have gone the road before me...

  4. I haven't given any vaccines to my child yet, but she's about to turn a year and I'm going to do some more research and start the process of getting some of them.

    Knowing that there is a fund out there for people who have had side effects of vaccines was enough to convince me to wait. I did a ton of research before baby came along, too!

    From your newest follower:)

  5. Good on ya Bum Luxury! A healthy, developing, immune system supported by good hygiene, excellent nutrition, and a bit of common sense is just about all we really need to protect our babies from disease!