Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yummy, Organic Baby Foods!

I'm not an expert in the area of nutrition, but I am smart enough to know that organic is the best! I also am not going to pretend that I myself eat all organic...yet anyway! I plan to switch to eating all organic and quick because Cheyann is about to be eating table foods. Her first bite of food was organic. I have had some people ask what I feed my darling princess, so below are some pictures of what she loves and I have to say, I love them too! I taste her food every time I feed her because it is oh so yummy!
These are not your average puffs! I purchased the greens and banana variety of Happy Baby Organic Puffs but this brand offers apple, strawberry, and sweet potato as well! The strawberry and sweet potato varieties are gluten free! Plus, as advertised these fancy puffs have half the sugar of all other puffs...sweetened with 100% organic fruit juice. Cheyann gobbles these up and I sneak a few from the can too! From now on I will only purchase the greens variety of Happy Baby Puffs because it has 10% of the daily need for protein per serving and she receives 3 servings a day...30% of her daily protein needs in a snack??!! Say what??!! Mama and baby are happy! Also it has 25mg of Choline per serving. Hip Hip Hooray for a healthful snack!
Earth's Best has been one of my favorite finds in the baby world so far! The entire brand of Earth's Best is organic. All of their foods are made with NO genetically engineered ingredients! I give Chey the oatmeal cereal mixed in with her fruits for every meal! This adds about 9% of her protein needs for the day and it is iron fortified to 45% of her daily needs! Oh and get this...ZERO grams of sugar!!! Woohoo! I also love that they jar their baby food instead of putting it in plastic. They have several varieties of baby foods and she loves every single one of them, with the exception of the meat varieties. Cheyann is currently vegetarian. Her favorite is Sweet Peas with Brown Rice. That one jar is 22% of her protein needs for the day! For you meat enthusiasts out there...we are up to 61% of the recommended daily protein needs on food alone. Keep in mind your tiny blessing still receives protein from breast milk or formula if they are under a year old. As they get older you may need to start feeding  your tot other sources of protein.
More organic snacks to munch on! I can't stress enough how pleased I am with this brand and the low sugar content of their foods. There is no lack of flavor either. Cheyann is in love with her wheat teething biscuits; however, she still doesn't have enough teeth to eat these without supervision. I sit next to her as she gnaws on these like they are candy! The Organic Crunchin' Grahams are a great alternative to your regular old graham cracker which contains more fat, sugar, and sodium. Earth's Best grahams also have Iron, Zinc, and B vitamins that the other brands don't have.
I love Gerber's organic choices! They have so many different fruit and vegetable combinations. It is so much fun to watch Chey experiment with new tastes. They have cool combos like Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, Pear & Wild Blueberry, Butternut Squash and Harvest Apple with Mixed Grains, Apple Sweet Potato, and Pear Raspberry to name a few. However I wish they were in glass jars and made with whole grains. None the less, the variety is unmatched and the taste is superb!

Not to sound like a plug for Target but that is where I purchase all of these items. I have not found Earth's Best anywhere else. Also, on a non-food note, Target carries the FuzziBunz line of cloth diapers which I am about to purchase and try out. Expect a future post about that experiment!

Until then, have a nutritious day and tell your baby doll a happy story for me in the words of a mother!


  1. I love Earth's Best too! Isn't it great knowing your feeding your baby the best! I also love Plum Organics,Ella's Kitchen and HAPPYBABY/HAPPYTOT/HAPPYFAMILY (the brand of your puffs) they all make an awesome variety of baby food and snacks! They are all sold at Target too! If you have a Whole Foods Market by your home I highly recommend it..they carry this brand called "Sprout Baby Food" AMAZING! If you need any links or more info on more organic baby food..send me a message...I'm no expert but I spent quite A LOT of time doing my research and searching around! :) Plus I'm a bit of a foodie! :)

  2. Amber I fed Lys all of this. One Saturday go to Whole Foods with me. I can show you so much stuff. Not only for Chey but for you too. I love that she is still not eating meat. Our bodies are not made to consume the amounts of meat we eat. I just bought this book called Healing Foods and another one that goes with it. It can show you how to get your daily protein without any meat. It is an amazing book you would love it. With my daughter's food allergies I have been forced to become extremely educated on what food contains. It was life or death for my princess and it is scary what is in food. Organic is the way to go. Love that you are making these choices for Chey. I would have never found out if it wasn't for Lys spending 10days in the hospital because of all the toxins in food that made her so sick. Love you guys and keep up the good work. Also Lys loves Cutie Pie icecream. All organic and milk free. Just a tid bit when Chey is ready. Love, Mandy