Friday, June 10, 2011

Mother Knows Best...How to Save Money That Is!

When Cheyann was first born I thought she had to have to best of everything. Hand me down or used clothes that looked worn and faded bothered me. What a laugh! I quickly realized that a brand new outfit after two washes looks exactly like the clothes from most resale shops or yard sales! So that right there is a fantastic way to save loads of mulah! Between gifts from friends and family at my baby shower and all the clothes I continue to get from my mother-in-law, I only buy Cheyann brand new clothes when we have a special occasion or if I see something I truly would love to put her in! Try to avoid going through the baby clothes section when you go to the store to get the necessities on your shopping list. Browsing all the adorable, sparkling, bright colored goodies in that area is hardly a recipe for "sticking to the list"!

Another great discovery is the Up and Up brand of diapers that Target has to offer. They are a good deal cheaper than the name brand diapers. I have used Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs. Pampers were my favorite as far as fit and soaking up goes and I feel Up and Up is a real likeness to them. I've been using Up and Up for about a month now and Chey is 9 months old! Can you imagine how much I could have saved using Up and Up the whole time?! I won’t add it all up or I might get depressed! But here is a bit of a breakdown for future references. You can get 120 Up and Up diapers for $29.98 or you can go the Pampers route and pay $29.99 for only 92 diapers. You save a penny and get 28 more diapers! You can't argue the value here. Just a little note...I have left Cheyann in her Up and Up diaper for over 14 hours during one long night and there were no leaks! Usually she goes around 10 hours of sleeping with no diaper changes and they work just as well as Pampers or Huggies.

One last but not least money saving tidbit I have discovered along the way is standard bathing and lotion rituals…OUT THE WINDOW! I use Peter Rabbit Organics Baby Shampoo and Wash! It is an all in one jackpot! There is not a single harsh ingredient in it. I received this gym in a 12 fluid oz. bottle from a dear friend at my baby shower. I have been using it for the last 7 months and the bottle is still half full! This product also moisturizes your baby so there is no need for lotions after the bath. That’s one less step to do and you save time getting your precious baby ready for the day! Your baby is healthier and happier. He/she doesn't have to absorb the known carcinogens from the fragrances and chemicals through the skin from the more traditional washes and lotions! It's a total win win!

Until next time, thanks for reading my findings on how to save money in the words of a mother!

A Whole Foods Market Exclusive...You can only get it there.

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  1. Julian has super sensitive skin and dermatitis. So I started using these baby bath products called California Baby. You used to only be able to order them on-line but now target carries them. They have calendula cream which is such an amazing product. I also love there diaper area wash. I use that sometimes instead of baby wipes to give his bottom a break from the chemicals in baby wipes.

    Here's a link the their website if you are interested.